Polycom VVX Color Expansion Module for VVX 3xx, VVX 4xx, VVX 5xx and VVX 6xx IP Phones (2200-46350-025) New-Open Box


Polycom VVX Color Expansion Module for VVX 300, 310, 400, 410, 500, and 600 (2200-46350-025)

New Open Box condition

The Polycom® VVX® Color Expansion Module is an optimal solution for telephone attendants – receptionists, administrative assistants, secretaries, and other “power users” who manage multiple simultaneous telephone calls on a daily basis.

When fully equipped, the VVX business media phones function as a high-performance attendant console, supporting up to three VVX Expansion Modules. Telephone attendants can reduce the number of lost customer calls, shorten transaction times, and increase the accuracy of call routing by promptly accepting, accurately screening, efficiently dispatching, and effortlessly monitoring calls.

The VVX Color Expansion Module is a true “plug-and-play” device that requires no set-up as power and signaling are provided by the host VVX business media phone. No extra cables or power supplies are required to operate the Expansion Module.

Like all Polycom VoIP products, the VVX Color Expansion Module is standards-based and fully interoperable with Polycom Partners’ IP telephony server solutions. With the greatest breadth and depth of integrated video, voice, and Web solutions, only Polycom delivers the ultimate communications experience.

Key Features

  • Increased productivity – The VVX Expansion Module provides advanced call handling capabilities with a vibrant color visual experience that simplifies monitoring of a large number of contacts and/or management of a high volume of concurrent calls
  • Ease of use – Large, high-resolution LCD, 28 illuminated bi-color programmable line keys, and user-friendly call visualization provides an intuitive user interface
  • Ease of Installation and Setup – Virtually no installation or setup is required, as signaling and powering are provided by the host phone
  • Leverage previous IT infrastructure investment, Get the most out of your Polycom VVX business media phones by turning them into a fully functional and cost-effective attendant console

Manufacturer: Polycom

Part Number: 2200-46350-025

Condition: New Open Box

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