Plantronics APV-66 Electronic Hookswitch (38633-11) New


Plantronics APV-66 Electronic Hookswitch (38633-11)

New condition

The Plantronics APV-66 Electronic Hook Switch Cable for remote desk phone call control eliminates the HL10 Handset Lifter. The Plantronics APV-66 EHS Cable (38633-11) communicates electronically with your phone giving your wireless headset the ability to answer/end calls and ring alerts remotely.


  • CS500 Series: CS510, CS520, CS530, CS540, and all -XD variants
  • Savi Series: W710, W720, W730, W730, W740, W745 and all -M variants
  • Savi Series:​ W8210, W8220 and all -M variants
  • Works with the following phones: Avaya 2420, 4610SW, 4620SW, 4610, 4620, 4621SW, 4622SW, 4625SW, 4630SW, 5420, 5610, 5620

Manufacturer: Plantronics

Part Number: 38633-11

Condition: New



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