Nortel BCM CMB4X16 1st Gen Combo CTM4 X DSM16 Single Density Media Bay Module (NT5B42AAAA) Refurb

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Nortel BCM CMB4X16 Single Density Media Bay Module (NT5B42AAAA)

Refurbished condition

The Nortel BCM CMB 4x16 Combo is a business communication manager designed to have the ability of a 4-port calling ID trunk media module combined with a 16-port digital station module for either BCM 200 or BCM 400

Key Features

  • 4 analog trunk lines
  • 16 digital stations
  • Built-in Caller ID
  • Disconnect Supervision
  • Aux port for any analog device

Manufacturer: Nortel

Part Number: NT5B42AAAA

Condition: Refurbished

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