Fanvil X3SP 2 Line Color Display Sip Phone POE Refurb


  • Fanvil X3SP Enterprise IP Phone 2 SIP Accounts with 2.4 inch Color Screen and PoE enabled
  • Featuring a 2.4-inch color LCD and newly added function keys Fanvil X3SP new version aims to provide a more productive operation method for business. Improved HD audio more SIP lines and supported EHS headset also make Fanvil X3SP an efficient busi
  • Bright 2.4-inch 320*240 color display on Fanvil X3S/X3SP new version IP phone provides high-resolution graphics for the user.
  • With enhanced HD audio Fanvil X3SP new version prevents the background noise from the external environment and presents you ideal HD audio in communication.
  • Wireless EHS headset supported by Fanvil X3SP new version through EHS cable allows you to deal with other issues while making a phone call which is more productive in many working spaces.
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