Avaya G430 MP40 Media Gateway GSA 700512173 New Unused

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Avaya G430 MP40 Media Gateway GSA (700512173) is a multipurpose Media Gateway which can support small to mid-sized branch offices or medium sized standalone businesses with up to 150 users. The Avaya G430 MP40 Media Gateway GSA variant provides 3 media module slots and supports two expansion modules providing 2 media module slots each to support varying branch office sizes. It has a single on-board DSP which supports 20 VoIP channels. An additional DSP board supporting either 10, 20, or 80 VoIP channels can be added.

The Avaya G430 MP40 Media Gateway GSA is compatible with Avaya MM710, MM711, MM712, MM714, MM716, MM717, MM720, and MM722 Media Modules. It provides a cost effective, scalable, and secure platform for delivery of Avaya Aura Communication Manager-based IP telephony applications. It provides full support for Avaya IP and digital telephones, as well as analog devices such as modems, fax machines, and telephones. It features a VoIP engine, an optional WAN router, and Ethernet LAN connectivity.

Condition: New Unused

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