Addasound EPIC 501 Wired USB Mono Headset (EPIC-501) New

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Addasound EPIC 501 Wired USB Mono Headset (EPIC-501) New


Professionals may want a stylish and multifunctional headset solution to connect multiple devices such as phone, tablet or PC for multi-tasks and collaboration. ADDASOUND EPIC 501/502 headsets are engineered for this demand. You can make calls or enjoy the music/multimedia from your PC, mobile phone or tablet via USB or 3.5mm jack connectivity. The elegant and economical design of this headset oers you comfort for daily use. Busy light indication allows you to concentrate on the work without disturbance. Epic 502 has stereo sound for richer audio quality. Starting with Epic headsets, enjoy the free and productivity work today!


  • Leading Technology Advanced Noise Cancelling Technology guarantees high performance sound quality and the best user experience
  • Simple Design Nordic style perfectly combines outer simplicity and inner excellence
  • Delicate Details From products to service, we look deep into every detail to meet your every need

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