Platinum Tools 4MAPPER Coax Tester, Clamshell (T104C) New


The Platinum T104C is a 4Mapper Tester with 4 custom F remotes with holster and 1 F (F to F) adapter. This tester is an easy and quick solution to troubleshoot and identify multiple coax cables. Fast and easy to use, the individually-identified custom remotes allow you to track up to 4 connections at a time from the main cable box. It has an EZ button design and displays Pass, Open or short on the front of the tester. It has an integrated tone generator and an automatic power off when tester is not it use. An LED light will light up to warn you of line voltage and will flash when the battery is low. The T104C uses a 6 volt battery and has a maximum cable length for testing of 3000 feet.

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