Nortel CRT Digital VT510 with Keyboard Single Port (VT510) Refurb

Sale price$139.95


Compatibility - DEC VT510 Terminals The VT510 is compatible with more than 30 operating systems including OpenVMS MUMPS UNIX PICK and Multiuser DOS. It also emulates 17 popular text terminals including Digital™ Wyse TeleVideo and ADDS. Ease of Use - The VT510 offers plug-and-play compatibility. That means you plug it in and it works. It also features an easy-to-use Windows-like setup and enhancements via snap-in cartridge. No rewiring. No special software. No software changes. The VT510 provides status and indicator lines local copy and paste and a built-in clock and calculator. MPN: VT510 Condition: Refurbished

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