Cisco Cabinet Jumper Power Cord, 250VAC 16A C20-C19 Connectors (CAB-C19-CBN) Unused

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Cisco Cabinet Jumper Power Cord, 250VAC 16A C20-C19 Connectors (CAB-C19-CBN)


The 3000 W Power Supply AC Power Cord for PDU, 16 A, 250VAC provides current to a computer via a C6880-X-3KW AC power supply. Replace your old or damaged power cord or use it to power devices in a server or telecommunications network. For a combined mode installation, join both power supplies via the Cisco jumper power cord. Plug the left side IEC 60320 C20 cable into the PDU and the right side IEC 60320 C19 cable into the chassis power supply. Connect each power supply to an independent power source to enable proper installation. This allows devices to continue receiving power even if one power supply fails. The Cisco AC power cord has a 9-foot cord length providing plenty of room to move equipment without the need to unplug.



  • The Cisco jumper power cord provides current to a network or communications device via a C6880-X-3KW AC power supply
  • Connect devices to a switched PDU for remote power cycling
  • Connects a PDU with an IEC 60320 C20 port to a device,using an IEC 60320 C19 outlet across a cord rated for 16A and 250VAC0

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