Alcatel Lucent 2022 ISDN Phone (2022-ISDN) (Black) Refurb

Sale price$199.95


Condition:  Refurb

Alcatel Lucent ISDN Phone Set (2022ISD)

The Lucent i2022 ISDN Telephone Set enables the user to take advantage of ISDN functionality and features such as video conferencing and distance learning at their desk are available. This multi-functional and programmable telephone is easy to install and use. It is compatible with a wide range of network switches and economical to operate.The Next Generation i2022 puts the power of ISDN on the user's desktop by enabling them to quickly access the high-speed voice and data applications they need for business success. In addition to putting the ISDN power to work for them, this telephone also helps reduce cost by allowing simultaneous voice and data transmission over a single copper line.

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